What is a Rally?

A rally is simply another word for a meeting or get-together of like-minded people in a social atmosphere, with friends old and new. It’s a great way to make more use of your leisure vehicle and make new friends who also enjoy the outdoor life. Rallies are really enjoyable for all the family and any activities are optional; you only join in if you want to.

Rally sites vary from simple landowners fields with basic facilities provided, to full facility commercial sites where we have negotiated reduced site fees. If you have any worries about not having mains electricity on some sites, please see the article ‘No Hookup – No Problem’ by member Terry Owen.

On commercial sites we also negotiate an extended time for leaving so it’s not all off by 12 noon. Some rallies are organised to coincide with special events and some are just free and easy for a relaxing.

Our Rally Venues book gives full details of all rallies for the year so you can plan accordingly.

Rallying can be fun all year round so why not give it a try? Click on the icon below to find out how to join us.