Swift Owners Club - Links Policy

General information
Whilst every effort is made to check the content and accuracy of the websites we link to, the Swift Owners Club can take no responsibility for information contained on websites maintained by other organisations or for action taken as a result of information contained on websites maintained by other organisations. We try to keep our links up to date but we cannot guarantee that these links will work all the time, and we have no control over the linked pages.

Sponsored links
If you wish your organisation to have a prominent link on our website you need to apply to be added to our sponsored links page. To be accepted your organisation must be relevant to the interests of our members and you  must agree to sponsor our Club in some way. We are prepared to be flexible about this so drop us a line via our online facility and we'll get back to you.

Other links
The Club receives scores of requests each year for free entries in our links pages. We cannot possibly accept them all. As a general rule we do not offer free links to traders. Traders wishing to be featured should consider our sponsored links facility. Other organistions wishing to be considered must be bona fide and have services that are directly relevant to the interests of our members. They must also offer a reciprocal link. To request a free link please click here.

Each requested outbound link will be assessed for appropriateness for inclusion and will be included in a category of our choosing. Submitting a link request does not guarantee that it will be included, only that it will be assessed.

Free links are reviewed on a regular basis and may be removed at any time without notice. Acceptance of a link does not constitute an endorsement of a product or service.

Making a link to us
Please let us know if you wish to link directly to any pages on our website by emailing us and detailing what your site offers.

We prefer to share links with organisations & companies whose aims and activities complement our own, if your organisation's content is not relevant to our activities in any way we would prefer you did not make a link to us.

You may not frame the SOC website without our prior written consent.

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