Somerset Carnival Rally - Bawdrip, Somerset

8-11th November 2007

We decided to go to the Somerset carnivals. We used to go to caravanning in Somerset a lot until we became a member of SOC so it was also a trip down memory lane.

Bridgewater Carnival was on the Friday night and as most of the floats would be the same we decided to just go to North Petherton. We went in the afternoon to see our friends and we passed the parking area for a lot of these fabulous floats some over 100ft long 11ft wide and 17th high with over 25,000 light bulbs. So we decided on the way back from our friends to try and find a spot on the grass. We struck luck with a good spot so we could sit in the car and keep warm until the carnival started. It was amazing we were so close we could talk to some of them and could have touched them if we wanted to. One beautiful float after another there must have been over 100.

I will let the photographs do the talking it was fabulous.

Grateful thanks to our marshals John and Val Rowe and Ron and Maureen Ward who had also organised hot soup and French bread to warm us up when we got back to Fairways Caravan and Camping Park.

Barbara Roberts

Photos © & courtesy of Martin Roberts
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