Roasting & Toasting
Broughton Castle

Broughton Castle, Nr Banbury,Oxon

20 - 25th Aug 2008


Outside of an AGM rally this was the biggest we’ve seen for some time - 53 outfits in total. What’s more it was booked up months in advance. Indeed it was so popular that the landowner, Lord Saye, had to be asked if he would agree to increase the limit from 40 to 50 outfits (plus 3 marshals). We are very fortunate that we are the only caravan club allowed to rally in the castle grounds.

So just why was this rally so popular? Well it could be the fact that it was a repeat of a similar rally held there two years earlier. Also pig roasts on extended August bank holiday weekends have a special kind of attraction, even if you don’t like pork. It could also be the track record of the marshals who are all experienced at running first class rallies.

The sheer scale of the operation was such that a small party set up several days in advance. They had much to do. The disappointing summer this year had already convinced the marshals that big party tents etc would be the order of the day so that the celebrations could go ahead unhindered. Celebrations? – yes, loads of them – I’ve never known a rally with so many.

Allan & Hazel Harris celebrated their 100th SOC rally, along with Mick & Cath Egerton, also 100 rallies. Andy and Sam Wallace celebrated their wedding anniversary and Sam Wallace, Jeff Way, Bethan Phillips, Dave Simpkins and Steve Horn each celebrated their birthdays. With all this to get through the festivities were spread over two nights - Saturday and Sunday.

Steve’s birthday was a big one – 40 – and it occurred on the Saturday night, pig roast night. Wife and fellow marshal Sharon was determined he wasn’t going to forget it in a hurry! In fact the whole rally had been conceived around it. So with a 100+ friends in attendance and the pig roast just over, out it came.

Out came what? I hear you ask - Steve’s car and caravan of course. Was he going home to escape? No this car and caravan were made of incredibly detailed icing, all supported by scrumptious cakes. Every detail was exact, right down to the number plate and gas bottle warning sign. The pictures have to be seen to be believed.

I could go on and on about what a fantastic rally it was but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

A super big thanks to the marshals Steve & Sharon Horn, Mike & Jeanette Cartwright and Dave & Vonnie Hopkins.


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