Newbury New Year Rally

Clere School

Newbury, Berks.

28th Dec 2012 - 2nd January 2013


New Year rallies have come and gone, some disappearing after many successful years. Newbury is different. It just endures. It might be the location, it might be the facilities, it might be the people, it might be the marshals (who change each year), or it might be a combination of all of these ingredients.

Whatever the explanation it’s a winning formula and one not to be tampered with. This year the marshalling team was led by Val & Phil Metcalf and their daughters Emma & Georgina. Val is no stranger to schools as she works at one so she must have felt well at home in the excellent facilities at High Clere.

If you’ve never marshalled a large and organised rally such as this one it must be hard to comprehend just how much there is to do. The food alone is like feeding a small army. It has to be bought, stored, prepared, cooked and served. Then of course there are things like table decorations, menu booklets, hall decorations, entertainment, raffles, competitions and prizes, the list is endless.

None of this could be achieved without a huge team effort and that is where well-run clubs like ours score.  When we want to put on a good show, we can do, and few can touch us. I’m not going to attempt to name all the marshalling team and their helpers for fear of missing someone out. Suffice it to say that you know who you are and that the rest of us had a jolly good time because of the selfless way in which you gave your time for others. Thank you all for four great nights of food, fun and frolics.


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