Carver Cascade Mk2 water heater

This was a gas and electric water heater that mounted through the side of the caravan at floor level (usually inside a bunk and and supported by a small wooden block underneath). It was used in UK made vans from about 1984 until production ceased in 2000 when Carver sold out to Truma, who replaced it with their own (very different) heater. There were two versions of the MK2. The first one (1984 - 1997) came with a 660 watt electric element. The second version, known as the Rapide, came with an 830 watt element and a slightly uprated burner. It also had a vent screw in the top left hand corner of the flue housing to aid draining down. There were many other detailed design changes between the two.

When operating on gas under certain wind conditions (10 metres per second horizontal) the Mk 2 could produce excessive carbon monoxide and even catch fire. These dangers can be eliminated by fitting the cowl from the near carbon copy 'Henry' water heater that is being imported from China to replace the Mk2.

Cascade MK2

Ref. Part No. Description
1 70600-01 Burner control module
2 101761 Wall switch Rapide, beige
3 605650 Insulation jacket
4 605402 Flue nose
5 101470PK Drain plug and 'O' ring, metric, slot head, post 1987
6 101022PK Drain plug and 'O' ring, 2 pack
7 101026PK Hot water Fulham outlet
10 101036PK Water inlet and non return valve
11   Wall switch / remote
12 101039PK Pressure relief valve
13 101583 Flue cowl assembly, ivory
14   Fusible plug
16 102723 Inner cover plate assembly
17 605582 GE thermal cut out, re-set
18 102725 GE thermostat
19 605222 GE thermostat clips
20   Aluminium tank
22 605270 Tank 'O' ring
23 102705 Tie rod 12mm
24 102743 Nut, washer and 'O' ring for tie rod
25 102737 Element 'O' ring