Feedback from the Recent Committee Meeting

The committee members extend their sincere thanks to all members that took time to share views and comment ahead of the recent committee meeting to inform the decisions made. A further thank you also to those members who have recently renewed with the Club.

Your SOC committee met on Saturday 30th January to discuss a number of items and made the following decisions:

The planned 2021 AGM will move from May to October.  This was a unanimous decision. Exact dates and options for how it will be held will be discussed at the February committee meeting.

The planned 50th celebration rally that was to coincide with the 2021 AGM will move from this year to next year. Whilst this is a sad decision to make, it was viewed unanimously as the right one.  The birthday rallies over the summer months are planned to continue, subject to national guidance.

The reduced renewal fee for members will be extended until the end of February 2021. It was recognised that not all had understood the messaging about renewals and this was evidenced by ACMs. Again this was a unanimous decision.

Rallies due to be held up to and including the 31st March are cancelled following a majority vote. The Committee spent some time discussing the various options and implications bearing in mind the current rules; the closure of schools until March, the decisions already made by other clubs, vaccinations and the likely continuation of restrictions. Rallies commencing from 1st April will be reviewed in due course, taking into account any Government restrictions in place at that time.

The next meeting of the committee is the 27th February 2021.

Jacqueline Barnes, Chair