1. The authority for the conduct of the rally shall be vested in an appointed Marshal, who will be responsible for ensuring that each member displays proof of membership on the caravan, that the club rules are strictly adhered to, and is empowered to ask any member contravening them to leave the rally site.
  2. The Rally Marshal or appointed deputy will be on site for the duration of the rally and will be in possession of a copy of the certificate of exemption.
  3. It may be necessary in certain cases to impose a limit on the number of members attending a particular rally. Where this is known before the rally programme is published the limit will be stated in the site details. However members are reminded of the benefits of booking rallies early wherever possible.
  4. All rallies commence as stated in the Rally Book on the first day of a rally, no outfit to arrive before this time without prior permission from the Marshal.
  5. In the interest of safety, every member is strongly advised to carry a fire extinguisher in their van.
  6. A continuous sounding car horn is the distress signal to summon help.
  7. Maximum speed limit on site is 5mph (this is walking pace). A sign to that effect shall be placed at the site entrance and must be strictly observed.
  8. Each van and towing vehicle must be sited as instructed by the Marshal or deputy, which in the interest of safety will be no less than 10 metres between towbars and 15 metres between rows. Vans to be sited with the offside corner of the body on the marker peg, cars are to be parked on the offside of the caravan
  9. Reserving pitches for other members is strictly forbidden.
  10. The driving of vehicles by learner drivers, accompanied or otherwise, is strictly forbidden on site.
    • The riding of motorcycles is only permitted when direct access is required, and the speed limit must be observed
    • The riding of bicycles between caravans and awnings is forbidden.
    • Any member inviting a visitor is responsible to advise them of the club rules, and to ask them to report to the Marshal on arrival.
  11. Respect other members and local residents by keeping noise to the minimum; it is the responsibility of members to use their barbecues with discretion.
  12. Sale of commercial goods other than Club equipment is forbidden.
  13. Ball games, flying of kites and model aircraft on site is not allowed unless an area has been allocated for this purpose.
  14. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and exercised on the perimeter of the site. When tethered, the leash must not exceed 10 feet (3 metres).
  15. Power generators for personal use are not to be used on weekend rallies.
  16. Vehicle engines must not be kept running whilst parked on the rally field.
  17. Small pup tents are allowed on the rally field provided there is sufficient room, and in a position that is safe to use, with consideration of both occupiers and adjacent members with car, caravan, full or porch awning and subject to the following conditions:
    • Prior notice to the Marshal is required of the intention to use the pup tent.
    • Agreement must be given by the Marshal and the Site Owner.
    • The tent is to be no more than 1.1 metres high and 4.5 sq. metre in floor area, and no more than one per caravan.
    • The pup tent must not obstruct any roadway or emergency access.
    • Use is also permitted for pup tents in a group provided that they are safely positioned and reasonably protected.
    • Naked flames or smoking are not allowed in or near tents.
    • Each member is to be responsible for the behaviour and safety of the occupier(s) of the pup tents.
    • The member must accept the Marshal’s decision on disciplinary action for any misbehaviour.
  18. The Club undertakes not to over-use any venue and will consider carefully before holding successive rallies at the same land.
  19. Care should be taken not to damage the site or surrounding locality. Trees, fences, buildings, equipment and stock should be respected.
  20. The rally marshal should take steps to ensure that travel from major roads to a proposed site is not likely to cause undue disruption or difficulties for other road users. Access to the rally site must be suitable for the number and likely size of units attending the rally. The arrival and departure of caravans should be arranged to minimise disruption to other road users.
  21. Members should act responsibly when disposing of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water and take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and prevent the pollution of rivers and streams.
  22. On-site disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water should be in accordance with arrangements agreed with the site owner /occupier. Neither should be allowed to foul the ground except at the designated disposal points. If in any doubt about the disposal of waste the relevant Local authority should be contacted for clarification.
  23. Members should ensure that refuse is either taken home or disposed of in accordance with on- site arrangements. The rally marshal should be satisfied that appropriate arrangements are in place.
  24. The rally marshal should ensure that the site is clear of litter after the rally.
  25. The rally marshal should also be aware of the caravan code, the country code and the Coastal Code.