Some Frequently Asked Questions

No. We welcome owners of Caravans or Motorhomes with any Swift brand past or present and includes dealer specials based on Swift models. The only exception is for Airstream which are still being produced but Swift are no longer involved. We accept model years 2017, 2018 & 2019.

Annual membership fee at the moment is just £18. Membership runs through to the end of the current year or, when joining from 1st September, until the end of the following year. Currently you will also receive a £5 Rally Voucher to use with your first rally booking.

We use PayPal to collect payment. The joining pages will guide you through registering your details and making payment. You can pay by debit/credit cards or your PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account if you are paying by card.

Yes we have a very active Facebook Group. It is a closed group only available to members of the club.

No, we organise rallies throughout the year. The number available during the winter time is reduced but during December  there's usually rallies for Christmas shopping and pre-Christmas celebrations. We also hold rallies for New Year celebrations (Currently 2).

Yes. Weekend and extended weekend rallies are generally booked up to three weeks in advance. Special Holiday Rallies abroad are generally booked up to 18 months in advance. Full details of booking are given in our Rally Venues Book which is issued to members each year during December. New members receive a copy as part of their membership pack.

No. We are a national club with rallies spread across the country. You can join any of the rallies subject to a booking with the organisers.

Yes. We have 9 areas but these are purely for administrative purposes. You can book and attend rallies in any area.

No, we do not always use sites with electric hookups for short UK rallies but often, when there are no hookups available for all ralliers,  the marshals running the rally have access to mains and will charge batteries if required. For longer rallies we try to use sites with mains.

Our Rally Venues Book gives full details for all rallies.

Currently online booking is only for special events. Normally rallies are booked directly with the organisers. Contact details are listed in our Rally Venues Book which is issued to all members.

Most rallies are not expensive to attend. This year for the normal UK rally there is a rally fee of £5 per unit and then a site fee of typically £8 to £12 per night. A limited number of rallies have electric hook ups and these may add around £3 - £4 per night to the cost depending on the time of year. There is sometimes a social cost of a pound or two to cover the hire of a village hall or other costs.

Holiday and continental rallies can be quite a bit more expensive as we normally use commercial sites with electric hook ups. Also meals and tours are often included in the costs.

Yes we welcome dogs with responsible owners. We just ask that they are kept on a lead on sites and are not taken to areas where food may be being prepared.

Joining online is the easiest way but you can download a form to post if you wish. Simply click on the image on the right for more information and start the joining process.

It's easy and quick to join us and we will help you get even more enjoyment from your caravanning; you will be made most welcome by fellow members of our family club.

If you couldn't find what you wanted to know in the FAQs above, please see our 'CONTACT US' page.

Do you want more information?

If after reading our FAQs you are still unsure about joining us, you can always get more information via our 'CONTACT US' page or better still, join us and give rallying a try. Simply click on the image to get started.

It's easy and quick to join us and we will help you get even more enjoyment from your caravanning; you will be made most welcome by fellow members of our family club.

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