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About Us

The Club was formed in August 1971 when 42 couples responded to an advert placed in Practical Caravan magazine seeking support for the formation of an owners’ club. The inaugural rally was well attended so a second rally arranged and the Club was here to stay!. Since those early days the Club has gone from strength to strength Club 50 years old in 2021 logoand celebrated our 50th Year in 2021.

The Club is managed by members for members. We have an Executive Committee comprising the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Rally Secretary and a Committee of members representing each of the 9 geographical areas of the UK. These geographical areas are purely for administrative purposes and do not restrict members from joining events wherever they wish.

The Swift Owners Club is the natural home for owners of Swift Group caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Our members come from all walks of life and include families, couples, single and retired people. Everyone and pets are made most welcome.

Joining our Club offers a host of social benefits and is probably one of the best investments you could make. If your caravan, motorhome or campervan is a brand owned by the Swift Group, or is an Airstream caravan (Model years 2017, 2018 or 2019), what are you waiting for?

Please see the other sections on the home page about our activities or click the image below to find out how to join us.

What We Have to Offer

Membership of the Swift Owners’ Club offers you more opportunities to enjoy the use of your caravan or motorhome, making the most of your precious leisure hours. Whether you are single, a couple, family or retired  the Club welcomes all owners of Swift Group caravans and motorhomes.

We are a truly national club and organise many rallies each year for our members (A rally is simply a meeting or get-together of like-minded people, in a social atmosphere, with friends old and new). Our rallies are spread across the country plus some abroad. In 2023 we have 45 rallies lined up which include 1 continental and 2 UK Holiday Rallies.

We have:

  • Weekend rallies, sometimes starting on a Thursday, with some ‘specials’ extended even further.
  • Bank Holiday rallies and half-term breaks (you do not have to attend the full period of the rally).
  • We also organise two to three week holiday rallies in both in the UK and abroad.
  • We even have special events at New Year for those who like to get away at that time to celebrate with fellow members. There can be few more enjoyable ways of letting in the New Year than being on a Swift rally.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Many of the dealers who sponsor us offer discounts to members on accessories
  • Preferential site fees and extended leaving times when commercial sites are used for our rallies
  • Fun and Friendship
  • Families and pets welcome
  • Swift factory visits
  • Three times a year we produce our own magazine, "Going Places", which is free to members
  • We have a members only area of this website containing further useful up to date information
  • A very active closed Facebook Group for members to socialise

Members of our Club come from all parts of the UK, and this is reflected in the rallies we organise so you shouldn’t have to travel too far to find one. Once there it’s up to you whether you wish to join in any activities that may be organised or to just ‘chill out’.

There are usually competitions for all age groups available for those who wish to have a go.

Children are encouraged to participate in competitions and, at our AGM rally we present trophies for a variety of achievements reached during the previous year.

On joining the Club, you will be given a personal copy of our current Rally Book detailing our rallies for the year, together with information about the Club, and other organised events.

Three times a year we produce our own magazine, "Going Places", which is free to members and packed full of up to date information on the Club’s activities and other information.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the Swift Owners Club. We are effectively a mobile social club run by members for members. Our aim as a club is to promote a common bond and friendship amongst members and you will be made most welcome.

How to Join Us

Joining online is the easiest way. Membership costs just £18 a year and you get a £5 Rally Voucher to use on your first rally with us. Membership is valid until December 31st in the current year or, in the case of applications received between 1st September and 31st December, until December 31st the following year.

We are the Club for owners of Swift Group Caravans and Motorhomes past or present (Abbey, Ace, Airstream (Model years 2017, 2018 or 2019), Autocruise, Basecamp Bessacarr, Escape, Mondial, Sprite, Sterling, Swift and Swift based dealer specials).

If you would like more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or alternatively please read on………..

To join online, simply click on the Join Now button below then complete the application form. Payments are made via a secure server where you can safely enter your payment details. We accept most major credit/debit cards or PayPal.

If you are unable to join online or require any further information please contact our Membership Officer, HERE or by Telephone (07966 568986).

We look forward to welcoming you to our club.


What is a Rally?

A rally is simply another word for a meeting or get-together of like-minded people in a social atmosphere, with friends old and new. It’s a great way to make more use of your leisure vehicle and make new friends who also enjoy the outdoor life. Rallies are really enjoyable for all the family and any activities are optional; you only join in if you want to.

Rally sites vary from simple landowners fields with basic facilities provided, to full facility commercial sites where we have negotiated reduced site fees. If you have any worries about not having mains electricity on some sites, please see the article ‘No Hookup – No Problem’ by member Terry Owen.

On commercial sites we also negotiate an extended time for leaving so it’s not all off by 12 noon. Some rallies are organised to coincide with special events and some are just free and easy for a relaxing.

Our Rally Venues book gives full details of all rallies for the year so you can plan accordingly.

Rallying can be fun all year round so why not give it a try? Click on the icon below to find out how to join us.