Here we have a selection of manuals from our archives. Please note that we are no longer able to maintain a support section but have left these accessible for your use. Most of these manuals are quite old and in all cases we cannot guarantee that they are the most up to date versions.


Caravan and Motorhome OEM handbooks


These handbooks and other items cover some of the fitted equipment found in caravans and motorhomes manufactured by the Swift Group from the 1980's to the present day. The list is not exhaustive but will slowly be expanded as time and resources become available.

All items are in Adobe PDF format (see bottom of page). To view an item, hover over it with your mouse and left-click, or alternatively right-click and select "Save Target As..." Please be aware that some items could take many minutes to download depending on the speed of your connection.

Abbey GTS

Alde AB was founded in Sweden in 1949 and today manufactures hydronic (wet) central heating systems for top end caravan and motorhomes, In 1997 Alde 1997 was purchased by German company, Truma GmbH. Alde took over Primus in 2001.
      3000 boiler operating instructions (produced 1993 - 2006) (686kb)
      3010 boiler operating instructions (produced 2007 on) (3.9mb)
      TP5000 control panel instructions
      Note: Swift fitted the Primus Aquaflex AQWE6 wet heating system to some models built before 2002 - see Primus below.  

AL-KO Kober is a German company with a history dating back to 1931. It took over B&B trailers in Leamington Spa in 1982. AL-KO makes caravan & mototohome chassis and related components. AL-KO Kober UK is located at Southam, Warks.
      AKS 1300 stabiliser (404kb)
      AKS 1300 stabiliser security device (711kb)
      AKS 2700 stabiliser (195kb)
      AKS 3004 stabiliser, new type (410kb)
      AKS 3004 stabiliser, old type (2.53mb)
      AKS 3004 security device (626kb)
      ATC stability control (387kb)
      AL-KO Secure wheel lock (857kb)
      AL-KO shock absorbers (167kb)
      Caravan brake operation and adjustment (178kb)
      Caravan chassis hanbook (1.85kb)
      Guide to caravan wheel changing (352kb)
      Over-run braking system operation and maintenance (352kb)
      Noseweight indicating jockey wheel (969kb)
      Side lift jack handbook (2.4mb)
      Spare wheel carrier (1.4mb)
      Towball guide (119kb)


Dometic /

Dometic acquired the leisure products division of Electrolux in 2002. Since then they have grown dramatically through acquisitions. Their portfolio now includes fridges, air conditioning units, sanitation products, Seitz/Heki window systems, Smev cookers and all Waeco products.
      RM4270 & RM4271 fridge manual (268kb)
      RM6270-6401 fridge manual (687kb)
      RM7270L, 7290L, 7400L fridge manual (855kb)
      Heki 1 repair instructions (very large push up handles, one piece hinge bar - 313Kb)
      Heki 1 parts list (1.6Mb)  
      Heki 2 & 2DL operating instructions long push bar, dome has 3 seperate hinges - 379Kb)  
      Heki 2 repair instructions (490Kb)  
      Heki 2 parts list ( 1.4Mb)  
      Heki 2 De Luxe parts list (As Heki 2 but with inbuilt lights - 555Kb)  
      Heki 3 operating instructions (Winding handle operation, inbuilt lights - 170Kb)  
      Heki 3 parts list (389Kb)  
      Heki 4 operating instructions (Motorised operation, inbuilt lights - 537Kb)  
      Heki 4 repair instructions (420Kb)  
      Heki 4 parts list (367Kb)  
      Mini Heki dome replacement (323Kb)  
      Mini Heki repair instructions (118Kb)  
      Mini Heki parts list (335Kb)  



Flojet water pumps can be found in Swift Group caravans and motorhomes built since 2008. They are generally reliable if a little noisy. It is sometimes necessary to adjust the pressure switch.
      3426/3526/3626 specifications and instructions (1.3Mb)



  Nord-elettronica are an Italian company who supplied Swift with chargers and distribution panels via their UK agent Caravan & Leisure Technology (Delta Components). Following reliability problems only alarm systems are now supplied.  
      NE143-MH battery charger (38kb)
      NE143- RM power module incorporating the above charger - schematic (31kb)
      NE143- RM power module incorporating the above charger - connections (41kb)
      NE 209 Alarm (61kb)



  Many Swift Group caravans and motorhomes have been fitted with an Omni-Vent roof fan as original equipment. Omni-Vent fans are made by Omnistor, a company now owned by Thule
      Omni-Vent fitting instructions (316kb)
      Omni-Vent installtion and operating instructions (353kb)
      Omni-Vent fan spares (440kb)

  Plug in Systems  
Plug in Systems supplied Swift with electrical panels and alarm systems up to about 2002 when they were taken over by Bonus Electrical and Swift switched to Sargent.
      IDM1C Caravan alarm handbook/manual (32kb)
      IDM2 Caravan alarm handbook/manual (526kb)
      IDM3 / IDM 2000 Caravan alarm handbook/manual (185kb)
      IDM4 Caravan alarm handbook/manual (326kb)

Primus wet heating systems were fitted to some Bessacarr caravans and certain export Kontiki motorhomes until 2001 when the Primus system was acquired by Alde.
      Aquaflex AQWE6 (272kb)



  Formed in 1991 by ex Swift employee Ian Sargent, Sargent Electrical supplies complete electrical systems for caravans and motor homes  
      AS 210 remote control alarm system (109kb)
      AS 250 remote control alarm system (86kb)
      PSU 2005 power system (306kb)
      PSU 2006 power system (90kb)
      Stinger 310 remote comtrol alarm system (545kb)
      EC450 power control system (3.5Mb)



Based in Prescot, Merseyside Stoves have been making kitchen appliances since 1920. Sadly they stopped producing caravan cookers in 2008, shortly after they were acquired by Glen Dimplex.
      Vanette 2200 (OGOGI) parts list & drawing (897kb)
      Vanette 2200 (LGSGI) parts list & drawing (877kb)

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